Friday, August 31, 2007


Dancing after 3 drinks is much more fun than dancing after 2 drinks, which is much more fun than dancig after 1 drink, which is... you know what!
I can feel the 'spirits' rise again.
If only it were Indian music... and all those things that can.should be generously added after an 'if only..'

Writing anything on the blog means defending it when all those myriad people who don't understand comment on it verbally. Dam them... except that I don't :)

Anyway, laughters and carefreeness is a lethal combination. It can take you places, and make you feel on top of the world :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

svn ci -m "gs - current update" :)

As I sit in my room thinking about the potential things to write about, I feel dazed. Too much happening, and too little record. But must everything be recorded? Sometimes I struggle to hold on to memories by way of videos and photos and write-ups. Sometimes they are permanently etched. But most of the times it is some random event that triggers a random memory.

Life has become rather involved with work 'and such' :)
The usual buzz words that linger around me everyday are Continuous Integration (CI), rake, Selenium, Test-driven development, fixtures, broken build, agile and what not. I feel superior just because I know of the existence of these words. When the tests are running, we digg! Lunches are spent discussing JSunit. And jokes are on the advantages of IntelliJ over Textmate.

Supper is a burrito bol from Chipotle. I can't get over my love for it. However, sometimes, when I am in mood to induce jealousy, I look towards the Natural Cafe :)
My tummy shows signs of a pampered organ. It is bulging and beeming with pride. When pictures are taken, I have to suck it in though :)

I am also following news these days. (yes, I know that a mistake on orkut caused a death in India.. I also know that some astronomers are not super-impressed by google sky).

The new favorite quote is:-
I am kinda paranoic in reverse. I suspect people of plotting to make me happy :)

The new favorite Song:-
Alvida and such from Life in a Metro

New fav serial:-
It's too good to be true. Totally engaging.

new favorite app:-
Posterino (image editing et al for Mac)... finally!!!!!

New favorite phrase:-
'My point being'
Seems like I need to use it too much. Not a good thing, probably

Same-old fav website:-

New favorite friend:-
well, deep touches deep :)