Friday, September 25, 2009

Koop Mandook

The potential topics I could write on:-

1. Navratri and all the fanfare and Falguni's trance

2. Current life conundrums... something typically reflective in third person's voice.

3. Observations and conclusions regarding Mumbai life (or it's junta).

4. Some incident/event of recent time that triggered a debate in my head.

That's it!
All these are too redundant. It is strange that almost everything I can think of falls within one of these broad topics... and that I can't think out of this 'box'.

And everyday, when I read the editorial of Times Of India, which invariably has an article by Jug Surraiya or Bacchi Karkaria, I am in awe. Their writings mostly have a radical perspective, compelling humor derived from a very cool insight, and generally a clear point.

It's admirable that they can achieve that. They are my personal heroes.

Saying in a shop: To see the entire picture, you have to step out of the frame.

That was brilliant. To be able to write about things that are beyond one's personal predicaments, one needs to be willing to accommodate other view points irrespective of how futile/indigestible they might seem. Stepping out of the frame is rather important (at least) for being able to write well.